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Quality learning @ home

Part 1: Quality digital resources to download @ home Minister Debbie Schäfer | 30 March 2020 While it is officially school holidays and schools are closed – learning is open! During the lockdown period the WCED would like parents and…

Frequently Asked Questions About Covid-19

What is a coronavirus?Coronaviruses are large groups of viruses that are common amongst animals. These viruses can make people sick, usually with a mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness, similar to flu. A new coronavirus called COVID-19 was identified…


Regular positive interactions within nature help children develop respect and a caring attitude for the environment. In order to raise adults who are passionate about protecting the environment and preserving our planet, they must first develop a deep love for…


Our school library provide a safe haven for all students to think, create, share, and grow. Learners are welcome to come read a wide variety of books in the library during break time our after school.