Our Mission:

As a school we aim to:

  • Provide equal opportunities for learners to flourish both in and outside the classroom;
  • Provide a high standard of professional and innovative teaching practices that build on learners’ interests;
  • Offer quality facilities that enhance effective coaching, teaching and learning;
  • Instill a positive and consistent work ethic in learners;
  • Create an atmosphere of acceptance and open-mindedness where diversity is valued and continuous critical reflection is promoted;
  • Provide structure and guidance so that learners are able to realize their unique academic, physical, emotional and spiritual capabilities;
  • Encourage a spirit of community where support is provided to learners, parents and educators alike;
  • Instill a sense of pride in our school and its ethos.

Our Vision:

Chatsworth primary seeks to provide a holistic education that promotes integrity, tolerance, respect, self-reliance and excellence in a secure, caring, multi-cultural environment.

We seek to maximize the potential of every learner in their respective spheres of involvement at the school, creating well-rounded individuals capable of making a significant contribution to our democracy. 

We aim to prepare learners for an ever-changing world, and to inspire them to take ownership of their future.

Teacher’s Pledge

The Educator’s Pledge
I solemnly pledge that I shall do everything in my power to uphold the values and ideals of the teaching profession.
I will place the interests of the learner above my own personal interests and will not sacrifice them frivolously.
I will treat my learners as if they were my own children.
I will strive to teach and to enlighten the learners at all times.
I will strive for the pursuit of academic excellence.
I will not allow considerations of religion or political affiliation to interfere with my teaching.
I will treat the fellow educators and employees of the Department in a way I would like them to treat me.
I will act professionally and honestly at all times.
I will treat the property of the Department as if it were my own.
I will act in the best of my school, the Department of Education, my Province of Western Cape
And my country the Republic of South Africa.